Tactical Walls 1420M Chalkboard Bundle

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Product Overview

A good deterrent of a burglar breaking into your home to steal your handguns and valuables is hidden security. If the burglar can't find it, they can't steal it. Why not hide them in plain sight? The Tactical Walls 1420M looks like a chalkboard that features a classically designed locking cover which conceals a hidden compartment. All the burglar sees is a chalkboard but hidden behind is a concealed compartment. The storage cavity is 20.00" high by 14.00" wide by 3.50" deep and is recessed between 16" on center studs.

The Tactical Walls 1420 Chalkboard is easy to open. Just disengage the hidden lock with the supplied key and slide the cover to the side. The slides provide smooth opening and closing. Standard retention magnets make accessing and organizing your items even more convenient.

The lock type on the Tactical Walls 1420M is a magnetic lock. The magnetic lock package includes (1) 1420 Magnetic Locking Concealment Cover, (1) Magnetic Key, (2) 1410 Inserts and (2) Large Retention Magnets.

The 1420M requires a hole to be cut into your wall from stud to stud, 21" tall. It is meant for use with 16" on center studs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review