Hornady .308 168gr ELD Match Bullets

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Product Overview

Hornady ELD Match reloading projectiles are primarily designed to function as Extremely Low Drag Match bullets. The ELD Match series features a best in class ballistic coefficients, along with heat shield tips, and AMP jackets. The heat shield tips for the perfect MEPLAT which ensure that you have no tip deformation from aerodynamic heating and typically outperform BTHP projectiles. The Swaged lead core provides you with uniformity and balance which the AMP jacket design provides you with optimum concentricity and accuracy. Hornady ELD Match bullets deliver you the highest degree of accuracy and bullet-to-bullet/lot-to-lot consistency so why not add a box or two to your reloading bench.


.30 Caliber
.308 Diameter
168 Grain ELD Match Boat Tail Projectile
G1 Ballistic Coefficient .523
G7 Ballistic Coefficient .263
Sectional Density .253

Box of 100


(No reviews yet) Write a Review