PGW Coyote 308 ODG

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Product Overview

PGW Defence Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company that has been around since 1992 and is responisible for making some of the finest rifle systems in the world. Their products are used by militaries and law enforcement across the globe and now they are offereing systems for the everyday shooter as well.

The PGWDTI Coyote rifle system represents the pinnacle of short action sniper system performance. Available in 308/7.62 and a wide variety of other short-action chamberings including 6.5 Creedmoor this rifle has been produced and military/LE deployed in numbers exceeding 2500 pieces and its reputation for accuracy and reliability is well known amongst a wide variety of clients all over the world operating in the harshest environments.

Additionally, this legendary rifle system has been utilized by countless civilian shooters in competition, hunting and recreational shooting.



14lbs. / 6.35kg

Weight - With empty magazine:

14.5lbs. / 6.59kg approx.

Open Length - With brake:

45.25in. with 24" barrel

Closed Length - With brake:

34.75in. with 24" barrel

Open Width:

1.75in. / 4.445cm

Closed Width:

3.5in. / 8.89cm

Magazine Internal Length:

2.880in. / 7.315cm


308 Win.

Barrel Twist:


Barrel Material:

Match Grade 416 Stainless - Cerakoted ODG

Barrel Length Standard:


Effective Range:

900 Meters

Length of Pull - Min:

13.125in. / 33.33cm

Length of Pull - Max:

14.125in. / 35.87cm

Cheekpiece Range Of Adjustment:

1in. / 2.54cm



- PGWDTI SF folding chassis - Cerakoted ODG

- Nitride treated fluted bolt

- Helical fluted barrel

- TriggerTech Primary adjustable trigger

- PGWDTI muzzle brake

- Cleaning kit

- 3 x PGWDTI 10 round metal magazines

- QD sling

- Night vision rail

- Harris bipod with PodLok

- Pelican fitted hard case


*Note: Some accessories pictured may not be included. Does not include scope or rings. Color may not be accurately reflected in all pictures.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review