Kel-Tec KSG-25 Long Barrel 12ga

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Product Overview

Originally designed for Europe, the KSG25 is the 12ga shotgun equivalent of Godzilla, only slightly smaller.  The KSG25 is chambered for 3” shells, however this variant boasts an impressive 10+10+1 or 12+12+1 capacity, depending on shell size. Yet even with all of that capacity and a 30.5” barrel, the KSG25 is still shorter than most tactical shotguns that hold a fraction of the firepower. It comes out of the box as you see it, ready to head to the range. By the way, those are M-LOK slots along the heat shield for mounting lights, lasers… or any other accessory that is M-LOK-able (that’s a word, right?).


In 2011, the KSG completely changed the world of tactical, pump-action shotguns. The dual tubes feature a selector switch. The3 KSG-25 is downward-ejecting and completely ambidextrous.

Bullpup Design
You get extra capacity and standard velocity in a shotgun that measures from slightly shorter to drastically shorter in length than most tactical shotguns on the market. This is the advantage of the bullpup design that is loved so much.

For well over a hundred years, pump-action shotguns have stood the test of time because of their proven reliability. Eliminating variables such as gas systems is particularly important when dealing with the vast variety of shotgun loads on the market. Pump-action puts the reliability in the hands of the user.

Short in appearance and feel, the KSG hides its stout capacity and versatility very well. Boasting not one, but two magazine tubes that hold an incredible amount of shells, this pump-action 12ga gives you lots of options. The manual selector lever allows for either the world’s fastest reload, or ammunition change on the fly.


Caliber: 12 ga 3”
Weight Unloaded: 9.25 lbs / 4.2 kg
Magazine Capacity: 12+12 (2 3/4” shells)
Overall Length: 38” / 965.2 mm
Barrel Length: 30.5” / 774.7 mm
Trigger Pull: 5 lbs / 22 N


(No reviews yet) Write a Review