IWI X95 5.56 NATO Non-Restricted Black

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Product Overview

Designed to meet extreme demands in urban and open combat environments
The X95 is manufactured exclusively for the Military, Police, Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies to deal with modern terror threats, as well as open area combat conditions. It is produced from high strength impact modified polymer, providing a sturdy and  stable, yet remarkably light weapon.

Manufactured in collaboration with the Elite IDF units
The X95’s advanced design and technology was developed in collaboration with the Elite Units of Israel Defense Forces (IDF). During its development every technological and ergonomic aspect was taken into consideration.  Today it is the standard Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Assault Rifle.

Exceptionally reliable even in the harshest conditions, the X95 is combat-proven by military and police entities around the world. It complies with stringent NATO standards for small arms, including environmental standards.

Caliber: 5.56X45mm

Rifling: 6 RH Grooves, 1:7″ twist

Barrel length 18.6"

Total length (mm): 670

Weight (Kg) (weapon only): 3.4 (300 BLK – 3.45)

Rate of fire (approx. rd./min): 750~950


  • Bullpup configuration
  • Short weapon with a long barrel
  • Rear center of gravity
  • Low recoil with enhanced stability when firing
  • 6 support points stabilize shooting; prone position, sitting, kneeling, standing, firing under arm and from hip
  • Versatile and modular for diverse operations and scenarios
  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • 360° picatinny rail
  • Fully ambidextrous
  • Simple tool-free field stripping into only 2 parts
  • Closed bolt gas on piston head with rotating bolt firing operation
  • 100% interchangeable
  • Easy and fast to mount 40mm grenade launcher with no special tools
  • Flip-up back-up site
  • Last round catch



(No reviews yet) Write a Review