Diana 280 Classic 177 Caliber 870 FPS

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Do you remember shooting for the first time? In rural areas, usually a family member, who is part of a local shooting club or a playmate with a Break Barrel Air Rifle, is responsible for such first experiences. To this day, a large fan community enjoys this original form of air rifles. DIANA revives this tradition and offers a large variety of high quality Break Barrel Air Rifles.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, this hobby and amateur air rifle is sutiable for shooters of all ages. The rifle has a total length of 1110mm. The barrel is 440mm long. Weight: 3.2kg approx.


Model: Diana 280 Classic
System: Break Barrel
Barrel: Rifled Barrel
Caliber: .177 / 4.5 mm pellet
Magazine Capacity: single shot
Weight: 3.200 g • 7.0 lbs
Length: 1.080 mm • 42.5"
Barrel Length: 440 mm • 17.3"

*Note: PAL Required.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review