Black Creek Labs 102 MK7 308 Blk 18.6 Non Restricted

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Product Overview

The BCL 102 MK7 is a standard BCL102 that has been fitted with an upper receiver that was designed with Black Creek’s mission in mind. Lighter. More accurate. More reliable.

The MK7 boasts a receiver set and handguard machined to tighter tolerances and finished with a (type III class 2) hard anodize and an option for a standard or custom elite cerakote coating over the hard anodize. The MK7 barrel nut is made of hardened steel and is factory torqued to eliminate barrel shift. A DPMS thread pattern on the upper receiver and a milspec buffer tube allows for easy modification. A custom detent plate is equipped with a QD point allowing for easy sling placement and the fire controls are ambidextrous.

The MK7 Bolt has been brought back to milspec and the gas port is CNC drilled to a size that provides reliability for almost all commercial .308 ammunition. The MK7 bolt and extractor are made on an in-house Swiss turn CNC machine in one operation allowing for tighter tolerances and a perfect lock up. The bolt is hardened with a C2 process that combines a cryogenic superfinish and carburization.

A new chambering technique, a Magpul MOE stock and grip, perfect bolt lock up and a tighter relationship between the upper and lower receiver combine to bring the accuracy of the MK7 to near 1 MOA out of the box.


Gas System: Direct Impingement

Barrel Length:  18.5

Caliber:  .308

Length:   37.5 – 41.5″

Weight:  8.3 lbs

Accuracy:  1 – 1.5 MOA

CDN Classification:  Non-Restricted

Color: Black


(No reviews yet) Write a Review