Hoppes Universal Gun Cleaning Accessories Kit

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Product Overview

Hoppe's Synthetic Blend Starter Gun Essential Cleaning Kit Keep your firearms in top condition with Hoppe's Synthetic Blend universal gun cleaning accessory kit. This full sized soft-sided kit has everything you need, plus extra room to add your personal tools. The kit includes Hoppe's Synthetic Gun Bore Cleaner, Hoppe's Synthetic Lubricating Oil, a three-piece solid brass cleaning rod and a variety of patches, brushes, ends and adapters. The five phosphor brushes fit.22/.30/.38 Caliber / Gauges and 12

  • Includes three, three-piece rods with handle assemblies for 17 caliber, 22-caliber rifles and up, and shotguns
  • Ten phosphor bronze brushes for 12, 20 and 28 ga., .410 bore, .44/45, .38, .30, .40/10mm, .22 and .17 calibers
  • Six swabs for 12, 20 and 28 ga., .410 bore, .280/.32 and .22/.270 calibers
  • Nine jags for calibers .17/.20, .22/.243/6mm, .25-6.5mm, .270-7mm, .30-8mm, .375-.40, .416 to .44, .45, .338 to 9mm
  • Four slotted ends to fit most calibers
  • Three utility brushes: nylon, phosphate bronze and stainless steel
  • Two round receiver brushes for .45 caliber and a 12 gauge Shotgun and pistol adaptable


(No reviews yet) Write a Review