Ballistol Universal Oil 500ml

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The classic of the universal oils. The active ingredients are derived from natural sources, the basic oil is medically pure white oil. Ballistol is entirely resin and acid-free, age-resistant. The spray does not contain CFCs! All ingredients are bio-degradable and harmless to the environment. Ballistol has a low surface tension and penetrates even the tiniest spaces, lubricates and protects brilliantly. Also protects leather effectively from drying out, water and other damages. Ballistol regenerates brittle, dry leather and makes it soft and elastic. Wood can also be protected with Ballistol. It improves grain and protects from moisture and decay. Versatile for outdoor, leisure, sport, every day use and at work. Softens rubber, makes squeaky hinges quiet, jammed bearings smooth, protects metal and plastic.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review