Tasmanian Tiger Modular Front Seat Panel w/ Rifle Rack Olive

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Product Overview

MOLLE panel for use on rear car seats. The panel can be used both horizontally (rear seat) and vertically (front seat). When equipped with MOLLE hook-and-loop, the modular hook-and-loop pouches can also be attached. The panel can be quickly removed from the vehicle with all attachments and used. Includes weapon holster with quick-release system. Part of the TacVec series.

  • Size: 38 x 52 cm (vertical: 10 rows with 7 loops each / horizontal: 6 rows with 11 loops each)
  • Three fastening straps incl. side release buckles
  • MOLLE hook-and-loop-system
  • Incl. removable weapon holder


(No reviews yet) Write a Review