Weatherby 6.5 RPM Barnes 127gr LRX

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Product Overview

Weatherby has traditionally designed and built ultra-high velocity cartridges with unique case designs-belted magnums with a double-radius shoulder. This is seen in all of the existing Weatherby cartridges until now. The Mark V 6 lug standard action has been one of our best-kept secrets for years. The goal of the 6.5 WBY RPM was initially based around maximizing the potential of this great lightweight action. Setting out to produce the best backcountry rifle and cartridge combination ever, it was a project not taken lightly. At our core, Weatherby prides itself in ballistic superiority. The rebated rim helps achieve the desired velocity and energy we were looking for while remaining compatible with our 6 lug action.

The 6.5 WBY RPM packs a punch and is capable of being chambered in Weatherby’s new sub-five-pound rifle, the Mark V Backcountry Ti. This combination offers maximum downrange performance in the lightest rifle possible. After years of development, the 6.5 WBY RPM combination achieves the weight savings, ballistic performance, and price that cannot be found in a rifle anywhere else.


  Bullet Type Ballistic Coefficient @ Muzzle 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
Velocity: 127 LRX 0.468 3225 3011 2809 2615 2429 2251
Energy: 127 LRX 0.468 2933 2557 2224 1928 1664 1428
Trajectory: 127 LRX 0.468   3 3.7 0.0 -8.8 -23.5


(No reviews yet) Write a Review