Lightfield Star Lite 12g

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This is 12 Gauge Lightfield Law Enforcement Star-Lite less Lethal Ammo. The Star-Lite is a close-range less lethal impact projectile intended for direct fire at targets between 1 and 10 yards. This ammo is loaded with a special patented flexible ball. This is the most accurate less lethal ammo money can buy. This ammo will function in all pump shotguns with a 2 3/4" or 3" Chamber. This ammo is packed in 5rd. boxes.


Caliber: 12 gauge
Case length: 2.75 in / 70mm
Ammunition class: Less Lethal
Projectile Color: Yellow
Projectile type: Flexible baton
Projectile weight: 75 grains
Projectile diameter: 1.25 inches
Muzzle velocity: 500 fps
Kinetic energy @ muzzle: 41 ft/lbs
Min. engagement distance: 1 yard


(No reviews yet) Write a Review