Federal 300 Win Nosler Partition 180gr

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Product Overview

The Nosler Partition was the first bullet loaded in the Federal Premium line, and it continues to be a standard for consistency and reliability. Its partitioned lead core allows the front half of the bullet to mushroom on impact, but keeps the back half intact for deep penetration.

  • World-renowned bullet features a partitioned lead core
  • Front half mushrooms, producing rapid expansion and energy release
  • Back half remains intact, ensuring deep penetration through weight retention
  • Perfect for all big game at close to mid-ranges
  • A portion of the proceeds of each sale of this product go directly to the conservation effort of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF)


Caliber: 300 Win Magnum
Bullet Weight: 180
Bullet Style: Nosler Partition
Muzzle Velocity: 2960
Ballistic Coefficient: .361
Bullet Length (In): 1.260in. / 32.00mm
Package Quantity: 20
Usage: Big Game


(No reviews yet) Write a Review