Warhorse Dev Traveller Multicam

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Product Overview

Warhorse brought this back to the drawing board and redesigned this goto rear bag. 

It now boasts a strap that can be integral with the bag or separated completely.

It has the ability to put your choice of connection, whether it be a qd swivel, hk clip, or just attach the strap directly to sling (qd or hk clip not included).

It Comes with a quick release side buckle for the fast get away if it gets hung up.

Measurements for this bag are 6" wide by 8" tall and weighs 1 lb. There is a 1" strap running the length of the bag for ultimate control as well as a 1" width strap.

Standard Fabric for this product is 500d or 1000d Cordura.

Color: Multicam


(No reviews yet) Write a Review