Warhorse Dev Taffy FDE

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Product Overview

The Taffy Field Bag is a minimalist bag.  It can strap on to the front of your rifle with the included straps.  The non slip material that is on the two largest surfaces of the bag give your rifle strong purchase on nearly any surface and the nonslip surface strapped against the rifle helps give even more friction between the rifle and its obstacle making for a steady platform.  When using it as a rear bag just pop the D-ring toggles and the straps are already set for your rifle making it easy to to re-attach when the need arrises.

The Taffy is 7 inches long, 4 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick.  It weighs about 1 lb 13 oz with standard fill.  The velcro opening makes it easy to adjust or change out your fill.  Making the Taffy a customizable piece of kit to suit the shooter.

Color: Flat Dark Earth


(No reviews yet) Write a Review