Remington Rem Action Cleaner 10.5 oz

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Product Overview


Designed to ensure smooth, reliable gun function in all weather conditions, Remington Gun Cleaning Products are high-quality gun maintenance products, proven superior for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting fine firearms against corrosion and fouling over the long haul. Rem Action Degreaser and Gun Cleaner cleans firearm actions and fire-control mechanisms without disassembly. Leaving no residue behind, Rem Action degreaser dissolves used lubricants, including grease and oil, producing a clean, dry surface.


  • Easily cleans dirt powder residue and caked-on lubricants from disassembled actions and fire-control mechanisms
  • Dries quickly and leaves no residue also dissolving powder residue fouled lubricants burnt carbon deposits and gunk
  • Blasts away gummy caked on grime from hard to reach areas such as ejectors
  • firing pin assemblies
  • trigger components and bolt recesses


(No reviews yet) Write a Review