Anarchy Outdoors Tikka T1x EXT Mag Release

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Product Overview

At Anarchy Outdoors they have had a soft spot in their hearts for Tikka rifles, and the T1x is no exception! This new offering from Tikka is great for those looking to compete in the ever growing NRL 22 game. While many have chosen to run their T1x in the base class, there are a multitude of chassis options available to those looking to get even more customization out of their rig.

This AICS style release was designed to allow the shooter to quickly change magazines, offer a bigger surface to manipulate (super helpful in the AICS mag well), and eliminate that annoying “hang up” that comes with the factory release.

Made of super fancy nylon material on a 3D printer stolen from the future, these releases are effing legit!

Made in the USA

*Note, this release is not intended for use with the factory stock. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review