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CABOT 1911's
Our first shipment of Cabot 1911's have landed!!  These beautiful, handcrafted, precision pistols are welcome addition to "The House of 1911's"!!!  Built on the backbone of
solid billet steel these 100% U.S. made pistols are the result of Cabot's dedication to perfection.  Available in both blued and stainless, as well as the option to custom order from factory!!!  View in stock HERE!!!!

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Nanuk 995 Rifle Case Olive Drab
This extra large protective case by Nanuk is everything you need to keep your rifles well protected when transporting or storing them. With features like the powerclaw latching system, impact resistant build, rubberized/spring loaded carry handles, multiple locking points and eyelets for a secure load when traveling - and it's waterproof! These top of the line cases are made in Canada.
Exterior Dimensions: L55.1″ x W17.3″ x H6.6″
Weight: 21.6 Lbs.
Material: Lightweight NK-7 Resin
Warranty: Conditional Lifetime Guarantee
SKU Price:
SKU43601 CA489.99
In Stock
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